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ITB problems and Le Wedges

roadieseanroadiesean Posts: 577
Has anyone treated their IT issues with Lemond Wedges ??? What is the feedback on this ? I am getting desperate.

Also, I was told some time ago to move my cleats so that my toes are pointing inwards, but I've just read that the toes should be pointing out......anyone had success with this ?

Oh and finally, I need new cleats should I be keeping on with the floatie ones (yellow Shimano) or move to the red fixed ones ???

Anyone who struggles with this horrible condition, my heart goes out to you, 19 years I have had it and I have had enough !!!


  • gbsgbs Posts: 450
    IT isssues? Please explain.

    For what it is worth, a very experienced physio/chiropractor is very clear that a slight outward turn of the toes is necessary when walking, rowing and cycling to save "throwing" the hip and avoiding damage to that joint. I have tried it for the first two sports and can report that adaptation is relatively easy. As for cycling, I am intending to try re-aligning my fixed plates when I have finished a series of ligament strengthening exercises.

    I surmise that the yellow cleats allow twisting whilst cleated; given that the amount of twist will be somewhat random what is the benefit? :?:
    vintage newbie, spinning away
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