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HELP! Training For L'Etape Du Tour

egebamyasiegebamyasi Posts: 107
HELP! I have entered L'Etape du Tour & the training had been going well. I'd built up to doing 2 x 4 hour rides at the weekend, 1 x 40 mins at threshold on the turbo & 1x 2.5 hour
midweek ride, 1 day off & the other days either easy commute or spin on the turbo. Two weeks ago I got a cold & now I just feel exhausted all the time! It's really hard to complete any of the sessions & the cold seems to be lingering. How do I get back up to speed?? There's only 6 weeks to go!!

Cheers in advance, Martin.


  • term1teterm1te Posts: 1,462
    I'd go very easy on the training until the cold has gone. Trying to train through it may actually be extending the cold. Missing a week now, then having 5 good weeks of training is probably better than 3 weeks of poor training due to the cold. Eat well, sleep well, keep off the booze, very light training until the cold has gone. Then build back up to the serious training.
  • Martin,

    I'm in exactly the same boat. I've had this bl**dy chest infection and general exhaustion for the best part of 8 days now and can't seem to shift it. Hugely frustrating as I'm doing the marmotte in less than 4 weeks time. I keep telling myself that Term1te's advice is right and that I need to rest until properly recuperated and then build up the training again but I'm climbing the walls in frustration and worry that I'll lose the fitness that I've worked hard on for the last few months.

    I do recall reading somewhere (probably this forum) that a week's break from the bike results in no loss of fitness but that any more than that will see small drops in form. I suppose it depends on how much fitness you already have and how much more needs doing.

    Chin up and hope it clears soon.
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