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Co-pilot limo child seat

qwertypipqwertypip Posts: 2
I am thinking about buying one of these to take my 14 onth old along on rides with me, however whilst researching them i noticed the following......... fits securely onto versatile and top quality Blackburn EX1 rack - included and fits all adult bikes with rack question is, what are these mounts? and is my Giant xtc3 ('04) likely have them fitted.

I cant seem to find a fitting guide anywhere, any help would be greatly appreicated...................QP
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  • weirdyboyweirdyboy Posts: 5
    I have one of these. Should be noted that the Blackburn EX1 doesn't fit bikes with disc brakes. The EX1 is also designed for 700cc wheels so you may need a bit of modification to get it to fit level .
  • ExeterSimonExeterSimon Posts: 830
    Try a Hamax Siesta instead. No rack (or mounts required).

    I've had the Limo and the Siesta and the latter is far superior not to mention much cheaper.
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  • ajotenajoten Posts: 321
    weirdyboy wrote:
    ...Should be noted that the Blackburn EX1 doesn't fit bikes with disc brakes...

    Has anyone ever found a cunning solution to this problem? Can the "legs" bend enough to get some kind of extension thing in?

    I was extremely annoyed when I discovered this. Bought the bike with the main purpose of it being a "family bike" and noone in the shop pointed out this shortcoming. Stupid waste of money in the end.
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