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rims for `turbo' trainers.. heavier better?

nielsamdnielsamd Posts: 174
I'm just sorting out a turbo type trainer set up while the weather is good and prices are lower than they will be later in the year and since I would like to have a dedicated wheel for the set-up I was wondering if there is any consensus as to rim weight... if it helps to use a heavier rim to help with both the flywheel effect and to build some strength for hills/acceleration.


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Whatever is the cheapest possible wheel!
  • PokerfacePokerface Posts: 7,960
    It's not really the wheel that will make a difference - but the resistance on the trainer itself. So, as Nappy said - get the cheapest rim you can buy. And possibly invest in some turbo training tyres.
  • nielsamdnielsamd Posts: 174
    I had the notion in my head that helping the flywheel along with a heavy rim would help make any dialled-in resistance `truer' somehow. As it is I have some cheapie Alex-rimmed wheels I can choose from..... and yes I was thinking of a dedicated turbo tire, though I hear they are harder than normal to get on the rim. Ah well.
  • Increased inertial load can help, but a heavier rim won't be noticeable on a trainer. You'd need to add significant mass to the wheel. Usually easier to get a flywheel on a trainer.
  • andrewgturnbullandrewgturnbull Posts: 3,861
    Hi there.

    I use that old bent rim, the one that no amount of truing will ever make it fit past the brake blocks without loosening the quick release... You'll probably find one in the back corner of your shed.

    Cheers, Andy

    ps If you can't find an old wheel then you have the perfect excuse to upgrade your current back wheel for that super-duper deep dish carbon wheel you've been admiring on the internet. Why not get a matching front wheel too?
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