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wafuwallwafuwall Posts: 3
My first post on here and straight away i need some advice i'm afraid!

I've been riding for just over a year now doing about 100miles a week. This is made up of one long ride on a Sat, then commuting and a shorter easy ride during the week. I also run and swim. Within the last 2 weeks i've started to get an unbearable pain in my left buttock whilst riding. It starts off as a niggle but becomes worse and worse until i can no longer ride. I get no similar pain when running or swimming. Does this sound like sciatica, if it is what could be causing it and why would it only have just started happening, also can it be cured by massage or is it just a rest issue? If it doesnt sound like sciatica what else could it be? Does anyone suffer something similar?

I realise this is a cycling website and not NHS direct but any suggestions or help would be very gratefull.


  • brownboshbrownbosh Posts: 602
    See a physio for an accurate diagnosis.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    See a physio for an accurate diagnosis
  • elliebellieb Posts: 436
    Probably not sciatica. See a physio or a doctor
  • mickenmicken Posts: 275
    See a sports physio for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. I've been managing a back problem for ten years that was originally caused by a windsurfing accident. Best advice and treatment I've ever been given has been via a reputable sports physio practice and doing a pilates class at least once a week.

    Core stability and understanding the issue is key.

  • chrisp64chrisp64 Posts: 2
    get checked out ASAP had the same pain in November last year,the pain was being caused by a prolapsed (slipped) disc,could only manage swimming and then not totaly pain free.Disc problems can heal themselves but it can take up to twelve weeks,i had five weeks off the bike then put a shorter stem on my MTB and extra spacers to raise the stem this allowed me to ride everyother day,i have been back on the road bike for the last six weeks and started racing again last week,still not 100% pain free but getting there. Good Luck
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