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Pedal/Shoe Power Meters

BhimaBhima Posts: 2,145
I've just been told that you can get power meters which are integrated into shoes/pedals, and which measure the force applied by your feet. Apparently, they're supposed to be the most accurate and allow you to measure the power of each leg individually.

Can't find any companies out there which are selling them though...? Maybe i'm blind but I can't find them!

How do they work? What about when you pull the pedals up? Would they somehow measure that too? The only way I can see them measuring the entire roation is with the main "sensor" in the cleat/pedal axle.

ANyone got any more info?


  • bompingtonbompington Posts: 7,589
    Don't know Bhima, but I've no doubt they'd read 20% higher on you than anyone else
  • shockedsoshockedshockedsoshocked Posts: 3,953
    It's a bit early for April Fools isn't it?
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  • BhimaBhima Posts: 2,145
    No, they do exist apparently.

    Just found this on Wikipedia though:
    Applied force

    This method monitors the forces applied to the pedal by the cyclist's foot. Sensors in the shoe or pedal measure the forces as the cranks rotate, and calculate the power based on the magnitude and direction of the applied force, and the angular velocity of the crank. Advantages of this technique include independent measurement of power for each leg, measurement of efficiency of pedaling style, and (depending on placement of sensors) avoiding the need to replace bike components. No commercial system using this technique is available yet for use outside a laboratory.
  • ElushionElushion Posts: 115
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  • Alex_Simmons/RSTAlex_Simmons/RST Posts: 4,161
    There have been a couple of companies attempting to bring such meters to the market but so far none have been successful. Microsport Technologies was one example:

    Pedal force measurement systems have been developed for laboratory testing environments and in use for a long time - ~ 20 years I'd say at least. I think the first power measurement ergo bike was made ~ 100 years ago.
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