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dafty ddafty d Posts: 37
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hey to all on this site,my name is demmie aka dafty d's wife. I would like to ask all who might be interested in meeting up with me as my hubby thinks that it would be safer for me to go out in a group or at least with another person, dont tell i said so but he does have a point n if any one tells him i wiil deny any typing!!!!,lol, I do have an injury due to a couple of falls off the road bike, which has been repaired and waiting for my confidance to build before i do get back on it, i am currently riding my mountain bike, tootle pace works for me, i live in the east end of newcastle and i manage to ride at the most at the min is twenty miles which takes approx 2 hrs at a nice easy pace, stopping every once in a while for refreshments and time to enjoy the peace and wildlife. looking forward to making new friends, xx :lol::lol::lol:
dafty d


  • Ditch WitchDitch Witch Posts: 837
    Too far away for me, I'm afraid, but we're getting more and more ladies around here. Hopefully we'll be able to find someone for you soon :)
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  • SpinningJennySpinningJenny Posts: 889
    I'm afraid you're the wrong end of the country for me, too! But as DW says, there are more of us starting to come on here now... :D
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  • dafty ddafty d Posts: 37
    hey,thanks for replying to my post, its very good of you both, lets hope some one out there lives close by me, :D
    dafty d
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