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To Garmin Edge 605/705 Users - Update problems...solved!

drumsmasherdrumsmasher Posts: 241
On numerous occasions, this site has been of great help to me, and reading the other posts, of great help to a lot of others also. I recently asked about problems with the latest web update (v2.70) from Garmin.
I have now found out from Garmin that they have found an error in the update and that it is corrupting some tcx. files and therefore not allowing your history to be updated on Garmin Connect. All you need to do, is open your Garmin folder, Then History and delete all the tcx. files.
Alternatively, you can forward all the files to product support at Garmin and they will “clean” them and send them back. They also gave me a link to revert back to the old update. . Apparantly a new version 2.8 will be out soon!
I hope this may help if you are experiencing problems!
Another tree...another cracked rib!!


  • woody-somwoody-som Posts: 1,001
    Thanks for that, but i found the problem with the previous version, and 2.7 fixed it for mine.
  • drumsmasherdrumsmasher Posts: 241
    Oh well...that's buggered that then!
    Another tree...another cracked rib!!
  • woody-somwoody-som Posts: 1,001
    I never had any problems with my unit, then the previous update started causing the unit to switch off, or trash the history of a ride, but when i updated it to 2.7, the current software, everything seems fine now, although i seem to have lost he auto zoom for the maps, no real issue, but was nice when riding long open road and it displayed at 1.2k then zoom into 200m when in towns etc, I can manually do that, but the auto function was nice, and yes it's still set in the settings to do that.
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