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Edinburgh to London Charity ride

Hi everyone, this is a shameless beg for donations, as well as a plea for training advice! (Also posted in Beginners section)

In August I'm riding from Edinburgh to London in order to raise money for the charity Right To Play. Right to Play use sport as a medium to educate children about health issues such as HIV/AIDS, malaria etc... and as a way of encouraging them to attend school to receive a formal education. They also work to bring communities back together that have been torn apart by war, civil unrest or disease etc... by training local coaches to establish permanent sports programmes. They work with 720,000 children per week in 23 or the world's most deprived countries - Their website, explains their mission better than I can. I see this as a way to make a real difference to a large number of deprived children.

Anyway, as a rider who is more used to racing criteriums than touring, the 468 miles is going to be a real challenge, mentaly and also for my backside I'm sure! Is there anything you guys can suggest I integrate into my training apart from getting some miles in the saddle that might help?

If any of you feel you can make a donation then you can go to my page at



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