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broken arm...

jimycooperjimycooper Posts: 740
cycling along a cycle path at about 7mph(im not that slow, just stoped for road) and this man steps out from behind a tree, and freezes as he sees me coming towards him. nothing i could do at this point, so i plowed into him and we both fell down. i broke my arm and he was fine and carried on(would be that way round...)

so now i have a cast and "no sports for at least 4 weeks" :( been told that it is in a bad place and if i move the bone again there will be a nice wee operation.

so what am i going to do to keep fit? and do you recon i could get on my turbo?

thanks in advance from a hyper person stuck inside bubbling with fustration. :twisted:


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    turbo, just be careful getting on and off.

    Sorry to hear about your injury :(
  • jimycooperjimycooper Posts: 740
    cheers(Y) do you think the actual riding on the turbo is a good idea?
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    yes. Safest way of keeping fit, no risk of falling etc. I was on the turbo 5 weeks after breaking my leg in 3 places. Physio encouraged it too!

    Make sure the first time you get on and off there is someone with you to make sure you can do it fine.
  • jimycooperjimycooper Posts: 740
    ok, thanks for the advice. ill be breaking out the sweat towls soon...
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