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Alex DA22

ShannaShanna Posts: 2
I am really new into this bike thing and am a bit lost and needed some advice.
Someone hit my bicycle where the front rim and tire would need to be replaced.
I had it fixed and the guy charged me $ 60 dollars for the rim, he put back the tire from the one he took off and charged me $100 in labor. Now the spokes and the hub does not match my back wheel because he gave me a DA19 or something like that I don't remember exactly because the bike is not in front of me. The original one had Sliver spokes and a black hub which was a DA22. And the back wheel he put on has black spokes and black hub. Now when I ask him why are they different he told me he would try to get me the same one from the company. Now he calls me and says that the company doesn't have any that have the sliver spokes. The DA22 is a Alex. Since I don't know much about these things am I just getting ripped off or what he is telling me is good and I should take the bike with two different color rims and spokes?

Sorry I don't know what all the parts are called and the whole lingo that goes along with this my husband had bought me the bicycle.
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