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2295.06 Miles

holmeboyholmeboy Posts: 674
2295.06 Miles so far this year, what about you All! :lol:


  • dennisndennisn Posts: 10,601
    holmeboy wrote:
    2295.06 Miles so far this year, what about you All! :lol:

    2296.001 :wink:
  • funckchickenfunckchicken Posts: 93
    edited May 2009
    around 4,000 miles for me i think. those would all be training miles as well, as i don't commute by bike.

    it's hard to tell exactly as i have a few different bikes and changed my computer around march and reset the odometer messing around etc. i tend to do around 200 miles per week, although in march i had some time off work and was doing 250 + miles per week. therefore roughly 4000 i think.
  • holmeboyholmeboy Posts: 674
    dennisn wrote:
    holmeboy wrote:
    2295.06 Miles so far this year, what about you All! :lol:

    2296.001 :wink:

    Ha! Ha!
    Let me Explain, Copied and pasted mileage from Everydaycycling site where I total my mileage. It has the odd habit of changing to Kilometers (where I enter my miles converted to kilometers) and back again, hence the .06. :lol:
  • davidmillerdavidmiller Posts: 320
    1909 for me - not that far away from last years overall total.

    I set myself a goal of 4000 miles for the year and i'm on track. Next year 5000.
  • JaegerJaeger Posts: 439
    2571.3 miles, but absolutely knackered at the mo so taking a week off. Should really follow the 10% rule..... :roll:
  • liversedgeliversedge Posts: 1,002
    3,087 miles, 186 hours, Intensity Factor 0.834, 12,970 TSS.

    I must get a life at some point.........
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  • brownboshbrownbosh Posts: 602
    4352.81 miles so far!
  • Frank the tankFrank the tank Posts: 6,553
    3,171miles for me. Had a bit of a kicking on Sunday. :(
    Tail end Charlie

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  • InfamousInfamous Posts: 1,130
    2516 at 18.67 mph average speed.
  • bobtbuilderbobtbuilder Posts: 1,537
    Only 1,532 miles for me so far. :(
  • AirwaveAirwave Posts: 483
    4180 for me so far enjoyed nearly every one as well.Bikes are great :lol:
  • vorsprungvorsprung Posts: 1,953
    3654.28 including 380 miles last weekend. In the rain. Up Welsh mountains. I loved it :)
  • BhimaBhima Posts: 2,145
    See signature :wink:
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Only just over 1200 when 'it' happened...
  • phreakphreak Posts: 2,693
    1960 for me so far.
  • 697 miles so far on my 575 this year.
  • jthefjthef Posts: 226
    About 1800.
    Garmin says 1640 but I had to return it so was without for 2 weeks hence 1800 aprx.
  • freehubfreehub Posts: 4,257
    How do you see yearly mileage on the garmin?
  • jthefjthef Posts: 226
    I have only had the Garmin since Christmas so the Total is all have done this year.
    Also on the training software You can see the total on the totals tab just click on the bike folder and it shows the total.
    As for the future I don't know yet .
  • mr_hippomr_hippo Posts: 1,051
    3091 miles
  • shockedsoshockedshockedsoshocked Posts: 4,021
    Been averaging about 250 miles a week, give or take depending on the length of races, so pushing about 5000 at this point.
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  • Jeff JonesJeff Jones Posts: 1,865 Editor
    Just over 4400 so far - that's a slow start for me, but an injury and the February weather derailed me. But if things go to plan, I should be in shape by the end of June. Still lots to aim for this season.
    Jeff Jones

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  • kettrinboykettrinboy Posts: 613
    2116 miles so far so still on target for 5000 miles this year, did 5166 in 2008
  • fuzzynavelfuzzynavel Posts: 718
    kettrinboy wrote:
    2116 miles so far so still on target for 5000 miles this year, did 5166 in 2008

    I am only just around the 1000 mile mark I did more miles in January than the whole of February/March/April together....too much going on at work.... Are people including turbo miles??
    17 Stone down to 12.5 now raring to get back on the bike!
  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,425
    About 2500
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