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Howies t-shirt of the week

linsenlinsen Posts: 1,959
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  • Rich158Rich158 Posts: 2,348
    Love it, I have to have one. But then I love Howies anyway, how great is it to have an ethical clothing company that's UK based and trying to really make a difference :lol::lol::lol:
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  • They were based where I used live in Wales. Lots of the local Skaters were loving their stuff. Turned into local stars now

    Howies are good I will give them that
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  • TotalnewbieTotalnewbie Posts: 932
    I might have to pop down to the Carnaby street store if I can get there before it stops being t-shirt of the week...
  • FeltupFeltup Posts: 1,340
    Hmmm thought I had cured my Howies addiction and then they throw that at me. It's un fair to taunt someone when they are going cold turkey.
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  • BassjunkieukBassjunkieuk Posts: 4,232
    :lol::lol: But I think the person who wrote this:
    Racing from lamp post to lamp post on any old tredder in your work clothes has to be one of the greatest expressions of our sometimes repressed competitive nature.

    Has clearly NEVER seen the SCR thread ;-) Repressed my ar$e, I rarely let my kids win anything against me :-D
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