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Peter Reads - blue or black traing book

I am struggling to find a copy of the above training book, if anyone out there has a copy and would like to sell it on please contact me on the following e.mail [email protected]




  • 320DMsport320DMsport Posts: 306
    Sorry Phil i had to borrow the black book, i've used it this winter, quite demanding but thouroughly motivating and i'm having good start to the season with using it.

    My mate actually uses him as a coach and he has some good sessions.

    Hope you find one.
  • Did you manage to follow it pretty much to the letter? I tried last year and in the end it was a bit too tiring to do so, so I cut down the number of sessions. I agree though that there is good stuff in there.
  • 320DMsport320DMsport Posts: 306
    I did the turbo sessions and the power session was awesome as is the speed and power session on the turbo.

    I couldn't do the amount of level 2 riding it was asking but it did say to tailor it to your needs or time scales.

    I was doing anything from 8-10 hours a week which was all i could manage with family and being very busy self employed.

    But it did what it said, i can ride bigger gears at a faster pace at a lower heart rate and my heart rate recovers way faster than before i did this book.

    And when it says if your turbo session falls on xmas day do it as you will be gaining the advantage over the oppostion while they eat and drink, so i did do my turbo session on xmas day, sad i know!

    My mate uses him for a coach and he feels battered alot of the time!
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