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Spin Classes or other suggestions ?

lemondashlemondash Posts: 2
Hello all, Am total new one on here.

Hopefully i won't get shot down in flames. Have just start cycing abiout 2\3 months now and at the same time am cyclying to work everyday from bromley to city of london. I have a hybrid bike. But am looking to always inprove my fitness in everyway so that my cycling improves. Woudl spin classes at a gym offer me anything ? or what else can i be doing exercise or weights wise ?

Am also doing the london to brighton ride at the end of next month, any help or suggestions would be very grateful.


  • bobtbuilderbobtbuilder Posts: 1,537
    I have done spinning classes over the Winter as I do not currently have room (permission from her indoors :oops: ) for using my turbo. Whilst they were OK as a quick blast of exercise, I don't feel that they offered anywhere near the workout that a good turbo session or an actual ride does.

    Now that the evenings are getting lighter, could you add some interval training, or a longer more challenging route to your commute instead?

    As for the London-Brighton, it's a fairly easy route with a couple of decent climbs. You may have to walk some of the climbs purely because of the number of riders already walking up them. If the route gones down Slugwash Lane (between Haywards Heath & Wivelsfiled) again this year, be careful as there is a fair bit of loose gravel on some of the corners at the bottom of the descents.
  • zammmmozammmmo Posts: 315
    I think they are ok for a bit of variation and you can make it as hard/easy as you like cos the bikes have gearing 1-20, but you are still governed by the instructor in general and you'll probably get horrendously hot.

    Oh, and the view can be quite good sometimes. :wink:
  • EscargotEscargot Posts: 361
    I like you have not been cycling very long so am probably not the best one for advice but I go spinning quite regularly.

    For me the classes have been very useful for a high intensity workout and have also helped me improve my pedalling technique with my clipless shoes. As with using any gym equipment (treadmill, step, cross trainer etc.) a Keiser bike is nothing like the real thing but I still enjoy it.

    Depending on the instructor they may work the triceps and core during the classes too, which all helps.

    Other than that I do dead lifts to work my entire body as well as dips, bent over rows, chins/pull ups, curls and core work. I'm not 100% that this is all essential for riding a bike but good body strength is undoubtedly beneficial for most sports.
  • mclarentmclarent Posts: 784
    Spin classes were what got me back in to cycling, and I'd recommend them as an entry point for sure. All depends on the quality of the instructors though - a couple of instructors at a gym I used to use were Ironman triathletes, so their sessions were very focused and structured, but many "generalist" instructors don't really understand cycling, so their classes tend to be weaker. I still use the gym at lunchtime, but tend to use a spin bike to do my own workouts (they have some spare).
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  • sheffsimonsheffsimon Posts: 1,282
    I use spin classes in winter cos I dont have a turbo trainer (and probably wouldnt use one if I had!). You can make them as hard or as easy as you want, helps if instructor knows about cycling (mine does), and pushes class hard doing intervals and stuff.
  • I live in C London so it can be difficult to get out in the evenings as it can take some time to get past all the lights / traffic etc.

    Consequently I've used spin classes in the past instead of short rides.

    A spin class of 1 hr may not be as effective as 1 hr of open road, but it seems a lot more productive than an hr of London roads.
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