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fire_munkifire_munki Posts: 95
If you are riding hard do poeple take things like protein shakes/supplament post ride?
I know I do after all my other training (MMA) and a ride puts out plenty of exercise so I should I have one fterwards to help repair/rebuild lean muscle?
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  • hopper1hopper1 Posts: 4,389
    I usually take a protein shake after a ride.
    I use supplements, before, during and after a gym session, so why not after a bike session, you're doing the same 'damage' to the muscles.
    I was thinking of trying N.O. Explode, before a bike ride, as it's great for pumping the blood around during gym sessions, but think it may have a detrimental affect for cycling, as I don't think getting a good 'pump' would help with cycling!!
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