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Ill? Overtrained? Dehydrated?

disgruntledgoatdisgruntledgoat Posts: 8,957
Very weird stuff happening inside of me this week... Did a long ride on Friday in censored conditions, about 140 km. Did nowt all weekend, save sit in Murrayfield watching rugby league. Saturday I drank a bit too much :P

So, Tuesday I got back to it. Not had any alcohol at all (even my usual glass of wine with dinner) since saturday night as I've had big problems in the past with dehydration and cramp on the Fred Whitton, which is this Sunday. So done my two training rides and noticed that whilst doing intervals at TT pace, my heart rate was climbing to the 172-177 level really quickly and going above it much more easily than it normally would. likewise, on my force climbs tonight, the HR was about 5-10 beats higher for the same hill in the same gear at the same cadence, my HRM shows I spent more time above my anaerobic threshold than at it, which is really unusual for that ride. I've also been slow up the climbs and on my intervals this week.

Other observed problems include my calves twinging with cramp a couple of times and a sore tum after eating a meal (had this since monday). Been drinkin lots of water all week too.

Any thoughts, suggestions appreciated.
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  • pinkbikinipinkbikini Posts: 861
    I find my HR is sometimes higher for the same (perceived) levels of effort if I am tired (sleepy tired). I suffer from this especially before an event or race where nerves/worry/anticipation mean I don't sleep as well for a couple of nights - consequence is my HR always seems higher.
    Maybe you are physically tired too? Perhaps just a couple of easy 1hr spins before the Fred Whitton?
    Cramps - salt? Bananas? Rest?
    This is all just based on my experience, not any specific professional knowledge BTW. Sounds like you are a little fatigued and need to have an easy few days. Good luck at the weekend.
  • DaveyLDaveyL Posts: 5,167
    Have you got any feel for your resting HR first thing in the morning, right upon waking? And how it compares to usual? I'm sure Alex said that if it was 15% higher than normal, it's a sign of fatigue or illness. ... Itemid=111

    Maybe try and drink a couple of litres of water with Nuun or other hydration tablets, and see if you just pee it straight out or not - might give a clue as to your hydration levels?
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  • volvicsparvolvicspar Posts: 208
    Could it just be a bug or virus type thing ? I've been feeling the same, think its some kind of bug/virus type thing.
  • oldwelshmanoldwelshman Posts: 4,733
    At rest HR is a much better indication of your condition, over a period of a few days.
    If over 10% above normal, just stay off bike.
    As for cramps, that is usually casued by muscle over work more than de hydration as most cyclists are aware of hydration and usually drink plenty, but if you push a lot garder than usually do in training, which is easy to do in a race or event, then you can cramp easily.
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