Too high cadence?



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    Infamous wrote:
    I would pay good money to see bhima ride with willhub, It'd be like watching the chuckle brothers on a club run.

    You wouldn't wanna be anywhere near their back wheel though would you?

    As for walking up a hill due to overheating... If I can grovel up Alpe D'Huez, at the end of La Marmotte, in a 39x23 and 36 celcius of evil heat, then you can manage up anything Cheshire has to offer. Just admit you were knackered. You'll feel better for it.
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    Of course I admit it!

    I admitted I was knackered at the time. Not in the legs dept, in the breathing/hydration dept. I've got quite a history of asthma problems - when we went out that day, it was significantly hotter and more humid than any other 2009 day - so it was a shock to the system. Same thing happened around Christmas when I went out in the freezing cold and last summer when there was a short heatwave in May.

    Just to clear things up - I stopped for a few minutes when it got tough, but I only probably walked a few meters, simply to get to a point where it was easier to clip in! As I recall - it was a 20%er which has a few 6% bits mixed in.
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    The 14% was in Wales. I did it around 115 RPM and lasted about 45 seconds.

    Maybe a bit of pacing would be a good thought, after all there is no special prize for highest cadence achieved.
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    It wasn't a training ride - It was a short ride with mates when on our way to a picnic! :lol:
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    I'm usually happy at around 90. I don't think I could keep up anything much over 100 rpm for very long.

    I reckon the OP should get back to us when he gets a cadence sensor though :)
  • You guys crack me up, flapping about how fast your legs are spinning. Its not your legs you need to worry about its the wheels. The faster they spin the faster you go. Saw a guy on the Wild Wales last year and he looked as if he was on his way to work. Old racing bike, steel toe capped shoes, pair of trousers on and a tee shirt with a high viz waistcoat on. He got round faster than a lot of lycra clad riders. I don't think he was worried either about how fast his legs were spinning. Local bike shops must love you guys, I can almost see them rubbing their hands as you walk through the door.