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Garmin foreunner 50 + GSC10 Sensor

speckybeckyspeckybecky Posts: 83
Can anybody tell me whether the Garmin Forerunner 50 + GSC10 Speed Cadence Sensor downloads plot speed, HR and distance travelled on a single graph? Also I was wondering whether at the end of a ride the watch unit will tell you the distance travelled and time of ride (and average speed, but I can work that out easy enough so not so important) like a normal cycle computer, or does it only show you the data whilst it is acquiring it and at the end when you download it?



  • Bear77Bear77 Posts: 60
    I download the data into sportracks and you can show speed, time, heartrate, distance and candence on the one graph if you want. You can probably show a few more if you can stand all of the squiggly lines.

    You can see the total distance, and time on the watch both before and after you save the data. You can see the distance and average speed on the watch and most other things.

    Hope this helps.
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  • Thank you! I thought it did do all of that but it was hard to find out for sure. Sounds great, I'll order one today.
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