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Tom98Tom98 Posts: 91
Hello, :)

I have been on antibiotics for a few days now to clear a chest infection I have had for 3 weeks! They are working brilliantly but I have been told that they can have a negative effect on fitness while taking them? Is this a myth or true, anyone had any experiences?

Cheers, Tom


  • johncpjohncp Posts: 302
    This has come up before and in amongst the usual "opinion" was a reply from a microbiologist which confirmed what I had always believed: antibiotics have no known effect on fitness levels or ability to perform BUT if you are taking them you are not well and probably shouldn't be trying to exercise until you are well on the mend and then only easy efforts. Rule of thumb is if it's above the neck (stuffy nose, headache) you may be OK if it's below the neck, as with your chest infection, then leave off the training.

    Hope your back on the road soon :wink:
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