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What bike do i need ?

ScoobieScoobie Posts: 12
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Hi guys,

I am looking at up grading my bike but there are so many differant types, cross county, all mountain, trail etc what do i need.
Twice a month i try and get to Wales other weekends are spent around Cannock Chase.

So what would you recommend ?


  • nonnac85nonnac85 Posts: 1,608
    you say you want to upgrade - but what are you wanting to upgrade from?
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  • TorresTorres Posts: 1,266
    Do you:
    Race and or wear excessive amounts of lycra? Then you need an 80/100mm hardtail.

    Do you enjoy just riding, nothing crazy [i.e jumps/drops] and don't want to spend the earth? Then you want a 100/120mm hardtail

    Do you enjoy just riding, nothing crazy [i.e jumps/drops] and don't mind spending a bit more? Then you want a 100/120mm Full-suss.

    Does your riding involve a bit of everything? Large drops, jumps, huge roots and rocks, but also the ability to pedal back up again? You need a 140/160 mm all mountain full-suss.

    Do you hate pedaling? Downhill bike for you then.

    This is just a rough guide, there's no need to get worked up about all the corporate labels.
    My advice would be to go down to your LBS, have a chat with the guys there and try as many bikes as you can. :D
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  • ScoobieScoobie Posts: 12
    Thanks Torres, i do a bit of everthing i like the climbs as much as i do the desents and all the rest of it.
    I was looking at getting a Trek fuel ex 9.9 but dont know if would be suitable, plus im not sure about going the carbon route.
  • KulaBenKulaBen Posts: 220
    Scoobie i had exactly the same questions myself having returned to biking after a good 15 years of couch based lazing. I ended up going for a hardtail because for the money I had i'd rather a half decent hardtail than a heavy full susser. Sounds like you have a bigger budget mind! I think Torres has it right, especially as most bike shops will let you try over a weekend if your considering spending that sort of cash. Also Evans let you test bikes on the 'Ride it' events, which BTW are well organised and worth a look.

    Enjoy testing :D
  • baba123baba123 Posts: 235
    how much money do you want too spend
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