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What about with no fruit & veg?

Little EmLittle Em Posts: 8
I have a friend who is somewhat of a 'freaky eater' . He has not eaten any veg and hardly any fruit for over 20 years!! Now approaching forty. The thing is he has a physical job and cycling as a passion. He often finds himself really tired out, I reckon the no fruit and veg thing can't help but am I just being an old nag bag ? Or is there substance to my arguement :?: I reckon he must be missing out on useful vitamins and minerals, particularily for recovery :?: Any ideas gratefully received .


  • Fruit and veg is very important for a healthy balanced diet. If he can't bring himself to eat the said items he should at the very least take some form of multivitamin pills (decent ones!).
  • Yes I agree that is a good idea.
  • zammmmozammmmo Posts: 315
    S0d the fact that he may be tired, I think he is storing up big problems for his future health by not eating plenty of fruit and veg. He must act. I don't know whether your GP can refer you to anyone. Maybe even get in touch with the people who make the BBC3 show Freaky Eaters, and get some advice.

    My diet used to be fairly poor but my wake-up call was when people close to me got ill i.e. cancer, and I saw what they had to go through. It really makes you think what steps you can take to minimise your own risk. Diet is a massive factor.
  • Yes again I absolutely agree I have a similar experience re heart disease in the family etc. Wake up calls sadly are def a motivation.
  • markos1963markos1963 Posts: 3,724
    Is it a question of presentation? I had a friend who hated vegetables but I made him a vegetable curry made with butternut squash, tomatoes, peas, peppers, broad beans and natural yoghurt they eat the lot and asked for more!
  • Sadly not, it is def more like freaky eaters!
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