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bikes on trains in swtizerland and italy

CazMacCazMac Posts: 15
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Has anyone had any experience travelling with bikes on trains in switzerland and italy. How easy is it ?? Do yo have to bag up all your bike ??

Do you have to reseve your bike as well ??? any info would be greatful



  • andymillerandymiller Posts: 2,856
    Have a look on

    I've heard the Italian railways are very un-bike-friendly. Switzerland has the reputation for being pretty bike-friendly - but I could be wrong.
  • wakemalcolmwakemalcolm Posts: 633
    Taking your bike on a train in Switzerland is almost mandatory.

    There's a handful of trains that can't take them but the SBB website schedules advise ones these are. There is a daily charge of CHF15:00 for bike carriage too (although if it's collapsed and bagged you might not incur that).

    When the train approaches the platform, just look for the window sticker with the bike on it. Some of the platforms are a bit low but the staff are always helpful when it comes to giving you a hand.

    Where are you going?
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  • flesterflester Posts: 464
    Switzerland is one of the few countries that does integrated transport. We got one ticket that worked on everyhing: One day we got a metro from suburbs to Basle city centre, mainline train, 2 local buses, tiny cablecar up to mountain village, all on the one ticket. Railway stations rent good bikes and THE STAFF THERE KNOW HOW TO ADJUST/MAINTAIN THEM!!!!

    Another day we got a train out to someplace, with my borrowed bike on the train, rented a bike for her, planning to cycle 80km back on a proper paved offroad cycle route. Only we got too tired along the way so what did we do, we just got on a train with our bikes to complete the journey.

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