Will I cope with this gearing?

drummer Posts: 246
I'm just wondering, I've been using a tripple, 52/44/30 at the front and 12-27 at the back.
I never use the small front cog and have sometimes found it a drag going up hills with the 44.

I've now upgraded to Campag and have a compact 50-34 and 11-23 at the back.

Should I try and get a 25 for the back or will the smaller front cog even thing out?

Advice Please!!


  • johnnyc71
    johnnyc71 Posts: 178
    The 44 / 27 combo would give 42.8 gear inches.

    The 34 / 23 would give 38.8 gear inches - this being an easier gear to turn.

    A 34 / 25 would give you 35.7 gear inches.

    I use a compact with a 12-27, then again since I'm dragging over 16st up some 18% hills this weekend I'll be happy for it!

    Try some local loops and see if you can manage the hills - if not then swap out for a wider ranged cassette. It all comes down to how far you plan on riding and how many hills you plan on climbing.