Good Idea?

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Bought myself a Boardman Team with all the latest SRAM rival groupset. Good bike but would prefer a better frame.

Am thinking of running round on this for a year then getting another bike next on CTW scheme with a good frame but not as good components (possibly trek 1.5) and swapping my SRAM rival stuff from my Boardman, then putting the lower rated groupset on my Boardman and using that as a winter bike.

Anyone see any downfalls to this?? Too much messing about??



  • JC.152
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    aint that boardman the carbon one that won the olympics? :wink:
  • gabriel959
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    which olympics and which race? The Olympic Road Race (Mens) was won with an Orbea Orca, the TT with a Trek I think ...
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  • Stewie Griffin
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    JC.152 wrote:
    aint that boardman the carbon one that won the olympics? :wink:

    Were the track riders on Dolans and the roadies on whatever their teams provide them with?
  • schlepcycling
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    Nicole Cooke won both the Olympic road race and World Championships on a Boardman.
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  • Shezzer
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    ... or at least a bike that 'badged' as a Boardman.
  • pud77
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    Sounds like a lot of effort swapping bits over. If you're not happy with it, surely the easiest option is to sell it and buy something else. When you say you'd prefer a better frame, in what way ? what lets it down ? do you mean you want carbon ?
  • gkerr4
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    why don't you just get a boardman carbon on the CTW scheme?

    to be honest - I can't see the trek having a better frame than your alu boardman - I'm not saying that carbon makes things better (it doesn't - at least not just because it is 'carbon') but it is a range up.

    The trek is just another entry level aluminium frame - what makes you think it will be any better?
  • fossyant
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    Looks like there are two grades of the carbon Boardman.....

    Anyway, the "race prepared" is a steal at £3,300 with SRAM Red, Ritchey WCS and Zipp 404's......

    It's light, but not the stiffest of frames - but more than ideal sportive/club bike.