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I have an old colnago master that I've nearly finished building however I'm concerned about fitting the cables. The frame has some brazed on eyes for threading the cable under the bottom bracket.
My knowledge of older frames is limited and threfore this may seem a silly question but does this mean the cables then simply rub on the frame of the bottom bracket? (there are grooves that suggest this is the case.
I'm used to frames where you simply bolt on the nylon cable guides and therefore the above seems a really nasty solution that will mess up the paint and the friction will risk chewing the cables?
Adding a cable guide doesnt seem to be an option as there is a clover leaf cut out where the bolt would normally go.


  • pete.whelan
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    yes, they rub on the paint, but I've never found it an issue. Keep them well oiled at that point and you should be ok
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  • TheHatter
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    yes, they rub on the paint, but I've never found it an issue. Keep them well oiled at that point and you should be ok
    Thanks Pete - I'm off to finish the job now!
  • ride_whenever
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    There should be some plastic tubing to protect the paint around the BB area.
  • itboffin
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    Some frames are made this way, Dolan for one, seems odd but yes it shouldn't be a problem I use small frame protection patches.
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  • TheHatter
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    Cheers ITBoffin, as you say it seems odd as as I believe you should always keep you cable inners lubed, so then to expose the cable beneath the bike at the mercy of road spray where any grease won't last long and to rub them against the steel for every change just seems wrong. I've set it up this way now and its working fine so I'll just have to be good and keep that area well lubricated.
  • crankycrank
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    The last steel bike I owned had the same style braze on guides as yours. I just took some plastic lining from an old brake cable housing, cut it to size and threaded it through the metal guides, then just run your cables through the lining. No need to lube the cables there, protects the paint and lasted a couple of years before I needed to replace the lining again.
  • TheHatter
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    Thanks CrankyCrank, if the paint starts to flake I'll see if that will work.