Oh no! My girlfriend is insisting that I wear hi viz!!!!

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My girlfriend worries about me when commuting. The stories of SCR battles and chasing London Dynamo's doesn't hope, nor has the recent late night beery journey home from the Mopeth.

SO she has insisted that I wear Hi Viz, I could say no but even I don't have the strength of will to withstand that arguement.

I don't want one of those god awful yellow jackets is there any other suggestions?
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  • il_principe
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    Yeah MTFU and say "NO"
  • doog442
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    didnt realise that it wasnt cool not to wear high viz....i get enough grief about my sks mudguards.......all i care about is self preservation, i work in an occupation that deals with dead cyclists im afraid

    I also live an area dominated by elderly micra drivers and if my high viz helps them avoid me then im happy....

    if i want to go out dressed like a ninja.....i keep to the quiet roads :wink:
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    How about:

    Chunky Cyclists need your love too! :-)
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    She stays quiet all winter, when it's actually dark and the hi-viz has some point, then after the clocks change and it's daylight, she asks about hi-vis.

    Promise you'll wear one when it's dark. She'll think she's "changed you" and will be happy, you won't have to bother with it. Oh, and to save money get one of the halford ones for a couple of quid to make it look like you mean it.
  • il_principe
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    Stick some reflective tape on your bag - works for me. Better than wearing some godawful sweat trap tabard and then covering it up with a bag as so many seem to do.
  • il_principe
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    How about this:



    Seriously though, does she cycle? No. So what does she know. It's like non cyclist saying "you really should wear a helmet you know." Fcuks me right off.

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    I wear hi-viz trouser clips when commuting but gave up on the jacket yonks ago, ankles wrapped in high viz spinning at 80rpm should be visible I reckon.

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  • doog442
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    oops sorry for the serious post... :D

    bright red /blue looks ok....she must really care about you...im sure my missus doesnt give a toss

    edit...has a post disappeared?
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    tee hee

    <insert MASSHOOF thumb pic>
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    itboffin wrote:
    tee hee

    <insert MASSHOOF thumb pic>

    DDD earlier this evening:

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    Clever girl!

    Listen to her!
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    I started wearing a hi viz band when somebody in a car turned right across in front of me, I swear the car rubbed my back wheel (I had managed to put a spurt on).

    I realised it was probably because they simply didn't pick me out despite two very bright cateyes on the front.

    I won't bother with it in the day though, after dark only really.
  • Jay dubbleU
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    Hey DDD - get one of these

    http://www.foska.com/training-jackets/m ... i-vis.html

    8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
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    As a driver, wide hi-vis bands are brilliant. Much brighter than standard bike lights (it must be, it's reflecting my headlights back at me!).

    If you want to remain all-black, look into Scotchlite 680, often resold as Respro Hi Viz Black Diamond over here in the UK. It's black, but reflects light back white. Very cool... Have several times very nearly bought a sheet of it to attack my mudguards with...
  • nicklouse
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    strange that there is any question for not wearing Hi Vis.
    Every one out here does.
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    OK, so....


    Honestly. I'll ask my doctor if he can write you a prescription for some balls.
  • stuaff
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    Perhaps you should just get some nice, restrained jerseys that'll get you noticed...something like: http://www.primaleurope.com/p-198-metal ... ersey.aspx
    (One of mine) :)
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  • DDD

    Summer is here (ok BST) before what 7pm is light enough _ it's arguable that high vis will do little to help.

    Late beer session - get over yourself. Put the yellow on and get on with it. Give yourself every chance of actually making it home. At 9pm + who gives a toss about what you look like on a bike.

    Look at it from a legal perspective : best endeavours

    Your earlier thread goes on about wearing black i think - stealth cyclist at night

    Darwin wasn't just some idiot, he had proppa justification behind his arguments.

    Do not be a statistic.....................you love cycling, surely you don't love just being a cyclist (inarticulate but......it aint just about the look)

    At least she cares
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  • Christophe3967
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    Don't understand why anybody - especially those who don a helmet - wouldn't wear something vaguely hi viz in the winter. It doesn't have to be Altura ffs.
  • cougie
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    If its daylight - fluorescent is great.

    If its dark - then you need reflectives - and you can easily have black reflective kit.

    When its gloomy I bung on a fluo gilet over the top of my black kit. In the dark - I'm happy in black with reflective patches on. You dont need to wear the builders vest if you dont want to - but it is a cheap and flexible option.
  • asprilla
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    After stepping out in front of a fellow cyclist yesterday I've ordered a fluo gilet. The bright yellow streaks went past and I just failed to pick out the fourth dressed in black. This was at 8 in the morning and it was a sunny day.
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  • Bassjunkieuk
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    I've had a few Hi-Vis tabbard type things (like the ones we got handed out at FW) but haven't really used them that much.

    I have my rather bright yellow gil jacket which I think was ideal for during the winter as it was certainly bright enough to be noticed during the day and as I didn't have any near misses when it was dark I can only assume it was helping then!

    During the winter and when I could find them I did also have a pair of flouro wrist straps with the reflective strips on (think they are meant to be ankle straps but elasticated with a flappy bit isn't good on chainwheel side.........) which I used to use to make it easier to see when I'm indicating :-)

    As has been said tho as we are now in BST and it's light until after 7PM and the days will continue to get longer (imagine being outside the Morpeth at 9PM in the light!!!) the need for high-vis is probably a bit less so now.

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  • I dress like a ninja so I am able to sneak up on dammed and take them out clean and effectively.

    Makes me think I work for the council still.

    In all seriousness I can understand about the high-viz jackets but rather than wear one can we get all the elderly micra drivers off the road instead
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    Think of it as driving a really shit, but really safe car.....doesn't help does it?!
  • peach1
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    I can't understand why anyone wouldn't wear one. When I cycle my safety is paramount and I'll do everything I can to maximise it. High vis, reflectives, lighting overkill - it's all good and lets me concentrate on enjoying the ride. I'm sure that I don't look "cool" but I not going to lose any sleep over that.
    (Actually, i always look cool - that's down to superb genes)
  • always_tyred
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    Do you really worry about fashion on your way to work on a bike?

    Use high vis for commuting, defintiely in the winter, definitely in the mornings and other times when you can bare to suffer the humiliation. I think that morning commutes are about as dangerous as it gets (other than 11:30 on a friday night when people are driving home drunk) because people are grumpy, half asleep and generally in a rush.

    There's less of a case for wearing high vis if you are on country lanes on a sunny weekend afternoon.

    There's more of a case if you are out on exposed fast A roads with a danger of blending into the background of sparse vegetation, on a sunny weekend afternoon.

    You get the idea.
  • Greg T
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    OK, so....


    Honestly. I'll ask my doctor if he can write you a prescription for some balls.

    I for one have missed LiTs during her mysterious overseas tour.

    I will however point out the DX3's burd is a woman and as such can exert all sort leverage through the triple whammy of

    Sulking around the house all the time looking at you like you are a mass murderer of puppies

    Connecting the non compliance issues (whatever it may be) with other stuff you've done "bad" to generate a meta case for you being a bastard
    You haven't sorted out the washing yet, have you finished with this mug, can you please use a table mat, have you slept with my sister and you are trying to kill yourself on the bike, you don't love me, I am fat.

    and as we used to say ooop north "mithering" that water torture drip drip drip of sniping.

    All you just tell her to ram it merchants are big men in cyber space but a deux dans la maison it will be a different story........

    I think you could put her off teh scent with a reflective Sam Brown and a herman's safety lollipop.
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  • artaxerxes
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    Not really H-Viz but you could wear Brazil (bright yellow) or Holland (birght orange) footie shirts?
  • linoue wrote:
    Not really H-Viz but you could wear Brazil (bright yellow) or Holland (birght orange) footie shirts?

    you then be called a chav or a football hooligan
    The doctor said I needed to start drinking more whiskey. Also, I’m calling myself ‘the doctor’ now