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Bianchi 1885 Veloce 10s Double

mr.gmr.g Posts: 36
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I'd like to introduce myself & say hi to everyone here! I'm from Wales and have a few questions to ask the "experts".

I'm a complete newbie to Road bikes but an avid MTB veteran (cross country) i've asthma (since i was 7) and haven't riden any bike since i was around 22 which was 10 years ago now - To the day actually as it's my Birthday (excuse the April 1st jokes please heard them ALL before).

I'm 6ft 1" or there abouts. I weight around (not really sure) 12.5 St. So medium/slim build.

Anyway. I'm thinking of getting (almost certain i will be) a Bianchi 1885 as it says in the thread title. My questions are:

1. Is this bike a suitable bike for myself taking into consideration the above measurements.
2. Is this bike a good one?
3. Are the components up to scratch?
4. Are there any other bikes you'd recommend to me taking into consideration the price range of the Bianchi.

I'm being advised by my doctor that my asthma is getting worse. I used to smoke (stoooopid i know) and i'm wanting to de-stress by being alone & out on the open road with just me and my machine! I've been given pills to control my asthma now and am being told that it's the next stage up in treatment, i hope that i don't have to be given a nebuliser etc. As that would make things really bad for me. Relying on something.

I wish to become fit again and think this is a very good way of doing so. I used to be super fit, riding (cross country) around 30/50 miles per day back 10 years ago and i've never been so unwell as i am today. I find just a short run now leaves me very tired and breathless.

I'm here asking the "experts" as you people know all about bikes and the fitness side of it all.

I thank anyone for taking the time to read this and also if you reply!

Many thanks



  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    that's spooky, I was reading another thread yesterday from an asthmatic who reckoned getting into road cycling had improved his asthma no end.

    You've chosen an excellent bike with a very good level of equipment.

    Two points:

    1.) Make sure you're properly fitted on the bike; any half decent bike shop should sit you on the bike on a turbo, and adjust saddle height, saddle fore / aft position, bar height and stem length to make sure you're on the right size frame and that it's comfortable for you

    2.) I note you're in Wales, a country not known for being pancake flat. You might consider a triple chainring rather than the double to give you a better reintroduction to hill climbing.
  • mr.gmr.g Posts: 36

    Thanks for the quick reply. Appreciate it.

    Yea i'm willing to commit to something which will improve my asthma. I used to be very fit and didn't have the problems i have now. So i want to take Road biking up.

    The Bianchi is a good bike i see you say. Most places will know what fitting is yes? Would you go for a Boardman instead of the Bianchi or will this be fine for me?

    Wales is a very hilly place. But i think this is a good thing as it gives me a diverse ride and the coasts around here with scenery are something else!!

  • BarkiesnakeBarkiesnake Posts: 244
    Hi mr g

    Welcome, i hope the cycling helps, i'm sure it will. Any good LBS will know about fitting so shouldn't be a problem.
    Imho go for the bianchi, beautiful italian bike. The boardman is well spec'd but only available through Halfords/bikehut and therefore you struggle to get a decent fitting session. (see other threads re halfords and service levels)

    Whatever you decide enjoy it, i look forward to maybe seeing you at some sportive or other later in the year.
    "If you think you can, or if you think you can't, your right" Henry Ford
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    You're very fortunate in your location; splendid cycling country. Weather.....not so much.

    Boardman bikes although excellent kit and value for money, sadly only available through Halfords Bikehut where advice / bike fit is a bit thin on the ground, and your longest test ride might be around the car park. Are you getting the Bianchi from a bike shop, or elsewhere?
    Best to check with the bike shop what kind of fitting they provide and if they charge for it. Many make a charge but then knock it off the price of the bike
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