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What should i be eating?

npowell28npowell28 Posts: 204
I'm sure this question has been asked a few times before but i need some advice on what people eat when they ride. I commute to work 17 miles each way. I find that in the mornings i am fine and don't need breakfast before i leave. However after a days work i often find that my energy levels just suddenly drop and i can be left with no energy at all. I do watch what i eat and try to keep to 1500 calories a day. Oh i'm trying to lose another 20lbs before the summer(already lost that amount since January).

Can anyone suggest what i should eat during the day to give me the energy to get home and also assist with my goal of losing another 20lbs.

Thanks in advance.
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  • JesseDJesseD Posts: 1,961
    1500 calories per day is not a lot if you are riding 34 miles per day, experts reckon that the daily average for a male is 2000-2500 calories per day and 1500-2000 for females. Maybe your not eating enough?
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  • You don't say what you eat during the day.

    Try having some slow release carbs over lunch - ie rice/jacket potato/pasta - if possible no more than three hours before you ride home, this should give you the energy to get home. But as JesseD says - 1500 calories is not enough to cycle 34 miles a day on. You're probably burning that off just on your commute. Ideally, if trying to lose weight, aim for a calorie deficit of no more than 500kcal per day, or your body will acutally slow down your metabolism as it tries to conserve energy.
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  • thiscocksthiscocks Posts: 549
    As above. Sounds like you basically not eating enough-that why your hungry later in the day. Not rocket sience really. A couple of snacks like nuts, cereal bar, banana, or chocolate bar in the afternoon would obviously help.(about an hour before you get on the bike again).

    Thats quite alot of miles every day, so you could easily get away with eating 2500 calories a day without any weight being put on. Why are you trying to loose weight? Always seems to me as just being plain unhealthy if someone who isnt fat, healthy, and excersising regularly is trying to loose weight.
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