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Retul fitting


  • doyler78doyler78 Posts: 1,951
    ronthechef wrote:
    Anybody done one?? i'm going today will report later

    Well how did you get on as I'm desperate to hear how you got on (as long as its good :lol: ).

    I'm going Tuesday. I only done 32 miles this morning in the pi$$ing rain and my left knee ached for the last 12 miles of it when I got out of the saddle or tried to put any effort in and as it was into a quite strong headwind I had no option but to put the effort in. Its my cleat setup that I'm most eager to get sorted as I've had them up down, left right and it doesn't matter what I do I still have knee or quad pain depending on where I put the cleats. I reckon I need shims and I can't do that myself. Other minor irritations such numb ar$e and hands will be good to sort also. In other words my setup is useless.
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