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Computer spec for Tacx Fortius multiplayer

incog24incog24 Posts: 549
Bit of a back story first. Earlier this week I had a head on collision with a car when he decided to play cyclist skittles. He was coming the other way and turned right into a side road whilst we were doing 30 in single file...He got a high score, 5/6, but my journey onto his bonnet fractured my scaphoid in my left wrist...

So, seeing as I'm now unable to ride for around 14weeks I thought I might get a Tacx fortius with whatever compensation I get. however, I'm trying to work out whether I need a new computer for that. I've got a pentium IV 2ghz laptop with a gb of ram and an intergrated 128mb graphics card. Do I need something a bit better to run it with? I'm getting a bit confused by the various things I've seen on websites, and anyway it might be rubbish if you only just have enough power to run it. I want it to be good if that's all I have!

Cheers guys :)
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  • All I can say from personal experience is that the integrated graphics card might not be powerful enough. I've had no end of issues with my desktop trying to get the Fortius software running well with my ATI Radeon 512Mb graphics card, so much so that I have ordered a GeForce one tonight to replace it.

    Saying that I know a friend who runs his on a high end HP laptop with no issues.

    I'd post on the tacx forum site (, you might have a better response on there. if you name the make and model of laptop someone might have already been there.

    If you are thinking of buying one the Bushido model look quite good, although I don't think it is out yet. You can link this to the p.c if required but it will also run standalone which the Fortius won't.

    Hope that helps.

  • I've got a pentium IV 2ghz laptop with a gb of ram and an integrated 128mb graphics card

    I ran my Fortius on a 3Ghz P4 with 128mb card and it worked OK apart from the Virtual Reality courses. It was OK for the Real Life Videos, at least the older ones. I've upgraded to a 256mb card since the old one broke and things run much better.

    There is some new software out called TTS which needs a higher spec as it runs google earth in conjunction with imported routes and this needs a better spec.

    I'd give it a go and see what happens before shelling out for a new laptop - you might be lucky.
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