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Seminars to aid your performance...

Spring is arriving, and now is the ideal time to put some spring in your preparation for this season.

In order to help you along you way, Sportstest will be delivering two cycling training seminars, one in Leeds, the other in Keston, Kent.

With no further Sportstest seminars planned for this year, and major Sportives such as the Marmotte and the Etape less than 20 weeks away (and the road and time trial season even closer), this will be your last opportunity to get all the information and advice you need to make your season a success!

Places are limited, so hurry and book now!


Successful Sportive Seminars...Leeds: March 8th, starting 4pm.

The "Successful Sportive Seminar" will explain the principles of training to maximise your potential in your chosen Sportive events (but will also be relevant to those road racing or doing longer distance triathlons).

Our previous sportive seminars have been described as "A truly inspirational and motivating seminar, with proven scientific success" by Cyclosport.Org and therefore is an event not to be missed by anyone looking to maximise their potential.

For more information see the successful sportives section of our website.


Training for Successful Cycling...Keston, Kent, March 18th, starting 7pm.

A collaboration between Sportstests Garry Palmer and corrective and holistic conditioning coach Jo McRae

Expanding on the information presented in his recently published book, 'Elite Performance Cycling, Successful Sportives", Dr. Palmer explains the importance of a scientific approach to training, whether your goal is to get round a sportive, improve your time trialling, or get some results road racing. Garry will show you what you can do to get the most out of yourself on the bike.

Jo McRae will then present a holistic and whole body conditioning perspective, raising your awareness of what factors can influence your performance off the bike as well as on it. Managing and balancing family and work commitments, and ensuring adequate rest and recovery are critical to maintaining and maximising any training program. Jo explains why balancing and correcting for on the bike training is essential for keeping you healthy and on track.

This seminar will conclude with a Q and A session where Garry and Jo can offer their views and perspectives on your questions.

For more information please contact Sportstest.


Whilst these may be the last seminars planed for a while, don't forget our fitness testing and coaching service are always available to give you a personal assessment and planning process!


We hope this will be of help.

Best wishes


Dr Garry Palmer
Sportstest Ltd

Tel: 01384 700 99
Dr Garry Palmer
Exercise Physiologist
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