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Who wants to lose a stone by March-Week 8! (16th - 22nd Feb)

popettepopette Posts: 2,089
hope you don't mind me starting this weeks thread

start 93
last week 86.7
this week 86.7

That is a really good result for me seeing as I had 3 days away in London and then stayed in a glorious hotel on saturday night and had the biggest and best full english on Sunday morning - all on a lighter cycling week.

I've started logging my food and activity in Fitday following the recommendations on here. I must say, I can really see that is going to work. I am reluctant to eat little snacks because I know I'm going to have to log it all on there.

Next week, I hope to break the stone barrier!


  • steve-msteve-m Posts: 106
    Start 82
    Last week 78.5
    This week 78.6

    Monday 18 miles / 5.5 mile run
    Tuesday 16 miles
    Wed 18 miles + hill + gym
    Thursday 8 miles
    Friday 8 miles / 5.5 mile run
    Sat 100K
    Sunday nothing

    Been doing more hills am feeling stonger, no weight loss though this week

    Did like this ... e-appetite

    however, after a long cycle I crave real ale.
    Fixed, commute: Langster 08, FCN6
    Road : Aravis (byercycles) Shimano 105 triple
    Hybrid: Trek 7.2 FX, unused / unloved
  • ColinJColinJ Posts: 2,218
    I had a poor week. I started it with a few evenings opf beer-drinking which put weight on me, and then I spent the rest of the week fighting to get it off again! Despite doing a hilly century ride on Saturday (104 miles, 6,500 feet of climbing) I only managed to lose 0.1 pounds! :(

    Total loss is now 7.4 pounds (or 9.6 if you count the 2.2 pounds I lost in the last week of December and into early January).

    Blog progress report, Latest OJ-ometer reading!
  • pjm-84pjm-84 Posts: 819
    Previous weight 15st 13lb
    Current weight 16st*

    Had the week off from training because of a cold. Determined to get out on Saturday and knocked out 145km on and off road on my MTB. About 75km off road, out and back across the South Downs

    Had a good ride although I was a bit stuffed after the road ride section with my old clubmates. Still managed to "nick" the prized final town sign though and not sure passing someone at 50kph+ on a full suspended MTB with knobblies went down too well.

    Legs were a little sore so I had Sunday off and spent all day and most of the night doing DIY.

    * weight increases after a hard training session and normal drops down 3 to 4lbs 3 to 4 days afterwards - why? I don't know?
  • tonyw43tonyw43 Posts: 249
    Varied week this week, have enroled back in the gym so can get a lot of training in before work and on a lunchtime. Three sessions this week but ended up staying the same:

    last week 199.8lbs
    this week 199.2lbs (those 6 ozs count)

    Hopefully next week will be better, but I am of the opinion that no loss is better than a gain.
    Had a quick look at the studio class timetable at the gym, and they do spin classes on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday 0715 - 0745, so will fit them in before work, as well as reistance training on a lunchtime, mixed with a couple of cardio sessions, and a decent ride on a weekend, so should start paying dividends soon.
  • T.C.T.C. Posts: 495
    mon - 1 hour
    tue 1 h 15 mins
    wed & thu rest,
    fri- 5 hours 81.6 miles
    sat & sun work, no weight loss but stomach looks better !
  • Ken NightKen Night Posts: 2,005
    Start 81Kg at New Year
    Monday morning 78Kg, so 3kg lost, without too much pain-I hope the next 3kg are as straightforward

    about 100hilly commuting miles last week
    “It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best..." Ernest Hemingway
  • HagridHagrid Posts: 22
    Weighed in Sunday at 16st8, so the suspect 5lb loss from the previous week has been completely erased. Am convinced that I bouncing along a plateau. Have tried changing up the foods I've been eating to no real effect as far as I can see. I will have a go at eating significantly less and see if that has any impact.

    A recovery week exercise wise and even lighter than planned because of a touch of tendinitis in the left knee. Better to ease off a little now than get crippled later! Tue. 2hrs of gym work, Sat. 3 hours of base miles on the turbo.
  • Start = 89.1 Kg
    Last week 86.1 Kg
    Tonight 85.1 Kg!!!! Fat = 18.5% water = 54.3%

    Thursday 26m
    Friday 23m made exactly 200m for calendar week
    Sat 0m as usual
    Sunday 0m - woke up with stabbing pain uder right shoulder blade - nearly gone now!
    Monday 26m
    Tues 23 m
    Weds 20m....tapering for Sunday

    My first goal was to be under 85Kg by the Mad March Hare on Sunday - might make it :D:D:D

  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,678
    Nicely done Popette!

    I am staring a BIG FAIL in the face, but....

    I have increased my fitness by a huge amount.
  • Has anyone noticed how this thread seems to be getting a little shorter every week???
  • ademortademort Posts: 1,924
    Started 1st January 90.1 Kg
    last week 86.0 Kg
    This week 85.4 Kg Due to the cold weather here in Holland and the state of the roads/cycle paths i have not even managed a training ride this year. Despite buying some funky new deep carbon rimmed wheels and other stuff.However i have managed 180Kms each week on my commute so am well pleased.Last summer i managed to get down to 80.7Kg. Hope for the same again this year.
    Ademort :wink:
    Chinarello, record and Mavic Cosmic Sl
    Gazelle Vuelta , veloce
    Giant Defy 4
    Mirage Columbus SL
    Batavus Ventura
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