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Cycling Plus - 2008 Sportive Training Guides

wastelanderwastelander Posts: 557
Hi All,

I'm planning on following the Cycling Plus sportive training guides that were published March-May 2008 to get myself ready for some summer sportive/endurance events but I'm a little uncertain about fitting them into/around my current riding schedule.

I currently cycle to work at least three days a week with my morning commute being usually between 40 and 60 mins (depending on the route) and up to 3 or 4 hours on the return journey (weather and light permitting) over rolling/hilly Yorkshire terrain and I wonder if by sticking to the published training schedules I'll actually end up riding far less that I currently do. I work most weekends so the traditional Saturday/Sunday long ride is a non-starter for me but I can hapilly get the miles in through the week.

Am I ok to continue to use my commutes - obviously staying within the suggested effort levels - but replacing the odd day with the low intensity flat terrain rides where suggested or even adding them as additional rides? I know that the guides were that, simply guides but I'm keen on trying to stick to some kind of structured training plan so that I'm well prepared when the time comes.

Comments and advice appreciated

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