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That was a fast training plan!

ElushionElushion Posts: 115
I have a liittle story first;
Down at our local club we usually have two runs. The touring run and the "Training" run. The training run usually consists of the same 6-15 people. One of the riders stopped coming out about 3months ago; his friends said he was very sick. This was confirmed with a visit. He recently has started coming out for around 2weeks. When he started (2weeks) ago he was in very bad form.

Yesturday, he turned up to the run. The whole time he was at the front. The route was also decided by him and we did 80miles instead of the usual 40-50. Now, im not talking about him doing 16mph at the front. The average was 22mph!

Now my question is. How does someone who has lost that much fitness gain it so quickly?
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  • softladsoftlad Posts: 3,513
    is his name Steve Austin..?
  • Is he a naturally gifted cyclist?

    A club mate of mine (53 years old) missed 3 weeks with a chest infection, came out the following sunday, got on the front and had us all strung out behind him for about 20 miles till the cafe shedding a good few people on the way, because "He felt like turning it on".
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