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Turbo beating the boredom exercise

Not Another HillNot Another Hill Posts: 382
Whilst doing a 1 and a half hour endurance session on the turbo the other night, I decided to try and beat the boredom and give the ride a bit more focus by doing the following:

The training was all in Zone 2 (124 - 144 bpm) so I split the session into 5 minute mini zones:

10 min warm up
5 mins at 140 - 144 bpm
5 mins at 134 - 139 bpm
5 mins at 124 - 130 bpm

then keep repeating the sequence.

What was interesting was trying to keep it in the small range of HR zones. I set a challenge (theoretical certain death) if I fell below or went above the mini zone I was in. Quite a challenge. I died at least 4 times during the session. Got harder towards the end of the session. It keeps you hooked into watching the HR monitor and having to adjust your effort continuously. Taking a drink caused the HR to dip sharply so I had to pedal like mad to get it back up again.
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