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Different Heart Rate Zones - Help!

shockedsoshockedshockedsoshocked Posts: 3,954
Just bought a Heart Rate monitor after deciding I need to do some more structured high intensity stuff, but I was wondering if people could help me out with heart rate zones. I see a lot of anagrams flying around (like FTP for instance) and stuff about different intensity zones but have no idea what they mean.

So basically....

What is FTP, and can I train this using HR?

What % does aerobic turn into an-aerobic?

What % heart rate is 1 hour TT pace considered to be? (I see this a lot)

What % heart rate constitutes being in the recovery zone?

There might be a few more i've missed out, so if you want to add one it's much appreciated. trying to get as much info as possible and work out a good regime.
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