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Niggle in the knee

chad8053chad8053 Posts: 13
I've only been riding a year and until recently haven't had the mis-fortune of any injuries. On a short ride 3 weeks back I started to feel a slight ache in my knee, the next ride was a lnoger ,tougher one and towards the end the slight ache on each stroke had turned into sporadicly excuciatung pain when putting in a hard stroke (setting off/going up a hill). I left my ike alone a few weeks hoping it'd fade but wnet out again this week and the exact same pain. Any ideas? Its just above the knee at the front. Tendon? My current strategy is do or die, leave it for week and then go on a 60 mile effort and ride through the pain, if i can't walk the day after then i'm in trouble, if i can then all is good :-)


  • steve-msteve-m Posts: 106
    Fixed, commute: Langster 08, FCN6
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  • Dr_DeathDr_Death Posts: 1,262
    From your description of where it is it could be a quadriceps tendonitis.... Should settle down with time, rest and gentle, staged return to exercise plus programme of stretching type exercises (see google for all your stretching needs).

    I could be wrong though.... face to face it's much easier to make a diagnosis!

    Trust me, I'm a doctor!
  • mr-edmr-ed Posts: 130
    Yo I've have suffered from knee pain a few times. What you discribed sounded exactly like what I had. I think what Dr_death said is exactly what my GP said I had but I can't quiet remember. Basically I just took a week off and when I came back didn't ride in the big ring all the time to let my knee recover.
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