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Broken Leg Recovery

BeeblebroxBeeblebrox Posts: 145
Although I've still got a while to go - and an X-ray to make sure everything is in the right place, any advice on getting back up to fitness? Been through a similar experience?

I've split ligaments in my shin, and broken my tibia - had a loop is metal put in just above the ankle joint to tie the bone together ... but the good news is none of the tendons in the ankle joint were significantly damaged.
I'm a poor student but do have a turbo and my road bike at my disposal (it was a rugby injury, not cycling related).

The only other thing to mention is that I have a long standing (as they always are) agreement to do a LeJog near the end of August - it's my aim for recovery. Seem to be doing okay keeping weight off, cut out beer (hard commitment as a student), and my appetite has massively reduced after the enforced hospital fast, combined with a lack of movement.

So yeah, general broken leg and recovery advice, please. :)


  • Hi Beeblebrox, do you mind if I call you Zaphod?

    I broke both my fibula and tibia 26 years ago this month when I was hit by a car. He was looking for his girlfriend’s necklace. It was in the glove compartment.

    I had a plate on one and wire and pins in the other, can't remember which way round now.

    There was no plaster cast so I was able to start swimming almost straight away to keep a bit of cardio fitness.

    I was back on the bike by May, I don't think we had turbos back then, although I was still walking with a stick and always went out with other riders at first in case of a mechanical. Balancing on one leg to change a tyre didn't sound like a good idea.

    By August I was back to normal but then they decided they were going to take all the metal work out again and I was back on two crunches and swimming. It was October before everything was finished and I was signed off. So watch out for that if you got a commitment in August, tell them you're on holiday or something.

    Keeping it moving is the best thing you can do, so stay active and stay positive.
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