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Tacx Grand Excel Analyser Software

cartesrcartesr Posts: 70
apologies if this is not the correct forum to post this. I have a perfectly workable Tacx Grand Excel with version 1.1 of the software. Im trying to find someway of exporting those files into another application and combining them with my polar HRM files. It would seem that later versions of the sofware allow you to export the files to another format say a text file whereas my version doesnt.

Does anybody have any idea where I might be able to get a copy of the latest version of the analyser software or the last version or even an upgrade file. Ive tried tacx and have had no response from them.

OR if somebody has a disc that they could copy and send it to me Id reimburse you the cost

I understand the later versions of tacx turbos allow you to upload to products like zeropace and WKO+

any help and advice would be much appreaciated


I used to do a bit meself you know


  • Can't you load up the software that you have and get the updates from the tacx website?
  • Hi thanks for you response
    Tacx no longer seem to post software updates for the analyser software to their site
    I used to do a bit meself you know
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