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Turbo - wheel advice needed

bren_gunbren_gun Posts: 21
I've bought a Tacx Flow to try and improve my fitness over the winter. My bike runs a Shimano 10 speed cassette and I've put a turbo specific rear tyre on the wheel. Trouble is I now do less proper cycling as I'm too idle to change the tyre every time.

Where can I find the cheapest 10spd wheel to use on the turbo. I've looked on eBay but no real joy. Can I ge away with a 9spd cassette with my bike as there seem to be loads of these about?



  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    Pretty sure that 9/10 speed Shimano freehubs are the same width - it's just the spacing between the sprockets on the cassette that differs. Have a search in "Road Gear & Know How" as this question is a regular I think.
  • No probs getting a wheel for 10sp, everything post 1997 was 9 or 10 compatible, except for a certain Shimano hub that was 10sp ONLY.

    Check eBay for a cheapo or the classifieds for something someone is dumping.
  • nmcgannnmcgann Posts: 1,780
    I got a Shimano WH-R500 for £36-ish from parkers about a year ago, but they don't have anything like as cheap at the moment. Just about anything that will take a 10sp cassette will do for turbo use.

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