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Please Help: New front wheel for Scott Sportster P1 2009?

ZoowatchZoowatch Posts: 5
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Hi all,

I am still pretty shaken by the fact that my bike's front wheel got stolen just a while ago.

I am now looking for ways in which in could replace the front wheel of my new bike.

First of all, I must admit that I am quite new to cycling to work, and therefore I don't really know much about how the different bicycle parts are called, but I am willing to learn.

My bike is Scott Sportster P1 2009 hybrid bike, as seen in this link:

The thief have taken the whole of my front wheel, using the quick release.

I am based in Sheffield, UK, and I am looking at ways to get a new front wheel for my bike (preferably matching the hind wheel).

1. is to try to get my local bike shop to order a new wheel / hub / tyre from Scott distributor in the UK. This would be my first choice, but I am simply not sure if this is possible. What do you think? Do cycle distributors normally stock bike parts and spares? Will the bicycle shop which I first bought this bike from be willing to go the length and order one for me? Will it be better for me to settle for other brands for parts?

2. is to buy parts of other brands from my local bike shop. But I am really unsure that those parts will work well with the rest of my bike. Should I take this opportunity to upgrade to a better front wheel using better parts? Are the wheels of my bike road bike's wheels or a mountain bike's wheels? Because this bike uses disc brake, how can I get another one to work with my existing braking system? Hub, rims, tyre... what exactly do I need to buy? I have been looking at and Can you recommend me quality parts that I should buy as replacement? What are your opinion?

I am really in a state of despair right now. I really don't know what to do, so could you please kindly advice me on how I should move forward, because I really enjoy riding this bike to work. I have been spending a lot of time Googling for answers but I am getting nowhere partly due to my limited knowledge on cycles.

Your help is highly appreciated here. :wink:




  • I am not sure if this helps, but this is the photo of my bike before it was stolen, you can see front wheel clearly here.

    Once again, thanks for helping.

  • Hi Zoowatch

    sorry to hear your wheel got stolen. What you need to replace it is a "700c disk hub wheel". these are not the most common sort of wheel but any decent bike shop should be able to get you one. I would phone up a few which are near to you ask if they have any in stock.

    In MTB terms they are also called 29" wheels (don't ask) so you may find them being called that too. Here is a link to one, you wil find more if you google.

    But given your level of experience I would find a local bike shop and get them to sort you out if you can.

    EDIT: just to be clear, you don't need a Scott specific wheel, any 700c (or 29") disk hub wheel will be fine
  • _Brun__Brun_ Posts: 1,740
    Zoowatch wrote:
    ...preferably matching the hind wheel...
    That's the first time I've ever heard a bike referred to as if it were cattle :)

    Sorry to hear about your fore wheel being nicked, but to be honest it's entirely expected with an unsecured quick relase wheel (and consider yourself lucky it wasn't the other wheel cos that would've been more expensive to replace). When you get the new one you need to consider the following or it'll happen again very quickly...

    a) always take the front wheel off and make sure your lock secures it, the frame and the back wheel.

    b) get a cable and thread that through the wheels (bearing in mind that a cable is much easier to cut than a d-lock)

    c) get hold of locking skewers (which can be had in a set that's secure your saddle as well)

    Your choice from the above obviously depends on where you'll leave the bike and for how long, but for a decent compromise between security and convenience I'd go for b+c together.
  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    If I were you I'd look at getting a new wheel custom built. It is cheap, strong and light.

    You'll want to go to a decent local bike shop, you'll pay a bit of a premium but it is worth it for a well built wheel. I'd go for:

    Hub: xt 6-bolt
    Spokes: either sapim or dt double butted stainless spokes
    rim: mavic open pro or cxp33/22

    You'll also need a new rotor, ask you lbs for something to fit.
  • ZoowatchZoowatch Posts: 5
    edited January 2009
    Hi there,

    Thank you for your advice so far, I have been in touch with the cycle store where I purchased the bike. Getting a replacement for the front wheel seems unlikely at this stage, although the owner promised he'd give it a try.

    I am sorry I cannot understand or use the terms correctly when it comes to bicycle, I will read more about bike parts on Wikipedia then.

    If I have to custom build a new wheel that is better than the one which came with this bike, how much roughly am I expecting to pay? Would £120 be reasonable just for the front wheel? Also, must I change the rear wheel too?

    When it comes to the disc brake, must I buy one that is compatible with the rest of the braking system? Or can I buy a slightly better disc from the same manufacturer?

    I am not a native English speaker, so please forgive if I use some of the terms incorrectly.

    I used to have a Scott bike in Thailand, riding it around with little need to chain it that securely, popping into barbers and shops with standard cable lock is more than sufficient, as long as you don't leave it overnight (otherwise the the rag-and-bone man will remove it). When I bought a Kryptonite New York lock, I thought it was already good enough, but I totally forgotten about the front wheel. Now I learn my lesson, and I will properly secure my bike from now on... Thinking about it, what would those youths do with my front wheel?

    So I have to put the D-lock on the main frame, then loop the front and the rear wheel with another cable. I guess, I would have to secure the saddle too in this case. I guess you guys are well used to doing this, but wouldn't that takes away the joy of riding?
  • atticaattica Posts: 2,362
    Zoowatch wrote:
    Thinking about it, what would those youths do with my front wheel?

    Bad luck Zoowatch, I'd say you should rely on your local bike shop, they will be able to source you a wheel. No you don't need to replace the rear wheel as well.

    Sadly the youths in question will have located another bike wihich was secured ONLY by the front wheel, bringing the two together gives them a whole bike.
    There's a reasonable chance that your front wheel was chosen specifically because it is a 700c with disc.

    I saw a somewhat sloppier example of this practice riding round Bristol recently, an MTB with a BMX front wheel, it looked quite comical.
    "Impressive break"


    ...I can taste blood"
  • Attica wrote:

    I saw a somewhat sloppier example of this practice riding round Bristol recently, an MTB with a BMX front wheel, it looked quite comical.

    "It's a chopper, baby" /pulp fiction

    In response to Zoowatch - your bikeshop doesn't need an exact replacement wheel from Scott. £120 is too much unless you want a really nice lightweight one. About hallf that will be fine for a regular wheel (budget £20 for a tube & tyre also).

    Any make of brake disc will be fine but you need to know if it is 6-bolt or centrelock attachment - this depends on the hub of your new wheel - and the right diameter (this depends on your current brake). Get your bike shop to spec it. If your bikeshop can't do this then fidn one who can.

    PS your english looks pretty good to me
  • Hi there,

    Many thanks for your many comments and advice so far. I will keep you posted once I've got the front wheel replaced.

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