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Ergomo installation – surely this can’t be right!!!

IanTrcpIanTrcp Posts: 761
Somewhat technical question, but let's give it a go.

I’ve had an Ergomo setup on my best bike for 18 months and found it reliable and great to use. So I bought another sensor to be installed in my second bike, which has an Italian threaded BB.

When I called the shop to enquire as to progress with fitting I was told that they had a problem in that my chainset wasn’t clearing the protrusion from which the wires exit the BB. They said that they’d found another chainset that would work, but wanted my ok before going ahead given the additional cost. It wasn’t that expensive and the old chainset was somewhat battered so I told them to crack on. I collected the bike last week but haven’t had chance to examine it until this evening.

Intrigued as to how the problem could have arisen, I’ve just looked closely at my best bike and spotted immediately that the wire exits on the non-drive side so is nowhere near fouling the chainset. The one just installed on my second bike has the wire coming out on the drive side. Surely they can’t have installed the BB the wrong way around!!!??? Is that even possible?

Could I ask you Ergomo users/experts to confirm what I fear to be the case: that the wire should exit on the non-drive side of the BB, regardless of the thread type?


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