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CharlieBoyUKCharlieBoyUK Posts: 10
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I wonder if anyone as any experience of indoor road trainers? I'm keen to maintain my cycle activity through the winter, but due to work am about to hit a period of getting home late and less likely to be cycle commuting. I had considered hitting the road at night but realistically I am less likely to get in the saddle and do I am considering a trainer for my attic conversion, so I have somewhere to ride without fuss.

I have no experience of these at all and wondered if they are worth their while and if there are and brands or specific models to look for or avoid???

Many thanks,



  • Mike HealeyMike Healey Posts: 1,023
    Worthwhile? Yes, very.

    Pitfalls? Boredom unless you have a specific programme of appropriate intervals.

    Model? What is your budget? Get that sorted and see if local bike shops can offer you a ride on one or more of their stock.

    If you have a coach, get programmes from him/her.

    If you don't have a coach, find one locally via British Cycling or the Assoc. of British cycling Coaches websites

    Valuable acccessories: heartrate monitor and cadence sensor.
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  • Will there be anyone in the room directly underneath your attic? I was asked if I had set up a washing machine in the living room by the people below :shock: So I now do it in the kitchen and end up facing the fridge and yes it can get very boring. As I have no TV in the kitchen I now listen to music instead which is actually better.
  • penugentpenugent Posts: 913
    I think my turbo is the best bit of kit I ever purchased.

    If you have a garage use that as you will overheat using the turbo indoors!!
  • GotteGotte Posts: 494
    I loved my trainer when I first got her. she was like a wife to me, but as time wore on, boredom entered our relationship. I tried to spice things up a bit, and she allowed me to do what I wanted, whenever I wanted, but even in the heat of the moment, with sweat in my eyes and my body working, I had another in my mind - yes, the open road, with all her curves, and even with the inevitable ups and downs, I just knew I had to be with her.

    I suppose I could quote that line from Annie Hall, about a relationship being like a shark in that it needs to move forward. For all the wheels going round, I guess my trainer and I just weren't moving forward, and so the relationship had to end.

    how did it end?

    I moved out.
  • unclemalcunclemalc Posts: 563
    Yes get one - it WILL help maintain, even improve, certain aspects of your fitness if your riding has been reduced because of the Winter.

    IT IS BORING :shock: - even with Mp3/tapes/Tv help, and trying to do an hour is an absolute killer.The problem is lack of visual stimulation: on the road you are CONSTANTLY taking in everything going on around you, and you tend to be braking/changing gear whatever. On the trainer - nothing. Yes you can increase/decrease resistence and get out of the sadlle but ultimately it's just cadence...

    Be aware that outside, you tend to get cooled down by passing air. On the trainer, the sweat suddenly appears and it pours off you, not just your forehead, but arms, legs, face and you really do need a towel or something to catch it /remove it.

    I have a TACX Satori and it sounds like a jet engine when in full flight, so that may also cause some grief for those who live around you.

    It's good tho'... :D
    Singlespeeds in town rule.
  • WappygixerWappygixer Posts: 1,396
    My last trainer was an Elite digital mag which sounded like a washing machine on full spin.

    I've now go a Tacx Flow which is so much quieter.

    Definitely the most boring times of your life even with a tv in front of you but it will give a very good workout.

    I only do 20 mins a night which is as much as my concentration can take but its a harder workout than I'd do out on the road.

    What ever you get try to afford one that tells you speed/distance etc. this way you know what you have achieved
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