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beefcake2beefcake2 Posts: 157
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Just after a little advice. I have just bought a road bike for the first time. I used to go mountain biking but after being diagnosed with asthma my doctor recommended against being miles from anywhere on my own. Road cycling is much safer for me.

Anyway, I had quite a long lay off and have piled on the pounds. I am now around 18 stone. Just wandered what you might recommend in terms of distance, intensity etc. Also any comebacks for people taking the mic when I am out cycling would be good! :lol:

Thanks and merry Christmas!



  • Hi Mate,

    I am also about 17.5 stone and started road cycling again about 2 years ago, as I wanted to get fit and lose some weight, I'm an awful lot fitter but not lost much weight, but I know why that is!!!!!

    I can say that I've never had anybody take the p**s, when I've been out riding, not so that I could hear them anyway, I really could not careless if they do, I work as a Doorman and there is no form of personal abuse that I have n't had hurled at me at some point.

    When I started riding again, I went out and did 30/40 minute rides to get used to being on the bike again. I did this half a dozen times over a couple of weeks. I then increased the time by about 10/15% a week for around 4 weeks.

    After this I was able to get out on the bike quite comfortably for 3 or 4 hours at a comfortable pace usually with a tea/cake stop.I did London to Paris over 4 days during the summer.

    The usual sort of distance that I do know is arouind 60/70 miles, my goal for 2009 is to do a century.

    Above all the most important thing is to enjoy your cycling and build up as you feel comfortable. Good luck.
  • Dont pannick about weight. I was just shy of 20 stone a year ago now 16 stone and the speed and distance has increased exponentially. Have done gold times in sportives, done my first TT's and road races and now have a rest heart rate of 43! Cycling is the life. Just know that you get out what you put in but it isnt just about bike time. You need to look after yourself as well. As for distance, forget it for the first few weeks. Just build up saddle time without stopping until youre able to do a couple of hours then think about pace etc. Good luck.
  • as above, then once you can do a few hours make yourself a training schedule, it will help you to motivate yourself and not wimp out.
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  • ademortademort Posts: 1,924
    Hi i would not worry about your weight , there are plenty of other big guys on the forum.If i were in your shoes i would just go out the first time and see how it goes. I would not set any goals for distance, average speed or time limit. it,s pointless to try to set a goal when you have no idea of what you are capable of You are only putting pressure on yourself by setting these goals. Once you have been out for a run you can analize your performance, distance, avg speed e.t.c. and go on from there.
    One things for sure, you will improve and lose weight . Why not make a performance related table of what you have achieved each time, its a real physcological booster to actually see that you are improving. Whatever you do, good luck and please keep us informed as to your progress. Ademort
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  • MettanMettan Posts: 2,103
    beefcake2 wrote:
    I am now around 18 stone. Just wandered what you might recommend in terms of distance, intensity etc.

    Thanks and merry Christmas!


    Anything's better than nothing - anything can be an 8 miler, 12 miler, 16 miler, 25 miler etc etc.... - doesn't matter - you can get and keep your heart rate up quite nicely on a short ride - your cardio fitness will improve, and along side a reasonable diet, you'll lose weight. Just go out and enjoy it - and get a basic wireless computer to aid motivation and get more from your rides.
  • chill123chill123 Posts: 210
    just get out there and ride. I lost loads of weight after i took up road cycling. the key is to burn fat not carbs when riding. this happens more when you ride at lower intensities for long periods. the more you do this the mre fat you'll burn when you ride.

    maybe set yourself a long term goal (unrelated to weight) such as to ride a century at the end of the summer? if you do this you'll almost certainly find a happy side effect may be losing the extra weight you've talked about.

    good luck and keep riding.
  • Thanks for the advice guys! I have done a little shopping today so that I will not be freezing my bits off when I am out on the bike!

    I think I will start off just getting used to the bike and saddle like you suggested. I have sussed out a few 10 mile routes that are not too hilly. The problem of living in the Cotswolds is that which ever direction you cycle in there is a big hill in the way!

    Thanks again!

    Beefacake2 :lol:
  • Thats not a problem its an advantage. An hour of climbing will get you fitter quicker than an hour of flat riding.
  • Gav888Gav888 Posts: 946
    brownbosh wrote:
    Thats not a problem its an advantage. An hour of climbing will get you fitter quicker than an hour of flat riding.

    Thats a good point. What is the quickest way to get fit?
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  • niccinicci Posts: 1
    Having been used to running but gained a knee injury, i have decided to try cycling, used to running 6-10miles no prob's...... but found a bike and went round the block (7k) my censored is killing and could of run it quicker..... Any tips greatly received on how to start, then build up and what to do to help easy my bum.....
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