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When to Train, Morning or Evening?

chrisb177chrisb177 Posts: 55

At the minute I don't have a lot of time on my hands in the evening or afternoon due to work commitments and setting up a new business. So I was thinking about training in the morning before starting work at 8:00AM. One 'issue' that i seem to have however is what the conditions will be like in the morning especially this time of year, mainly road conditions I currently have slicks on my bike.

I was just intrigued to see if anyone else trains in the Morning and their experience of it, also how far do you ride?

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  • 25km each weekday morning, best time to do it IMO but that could just be my natural energy levels etc! Roads are so much quieter than in the evenings too..
    I'm in work, showered, changed and full of coffee by 7am.
  • Ditto, I do about the same in the mornings on the way to the office (Im a lazy scientist so dont need to be up THAT early), and if the weather is censored its and hour or two on the rollers in the evening.

    On the brighter side the shortest day is almost here ...... :D
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