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Anyone starting a new training routine in 09?

Gav888Gav888 Posts: 946

Just wondering if anyone is planning to start a training routing in 2009?

At present im still waiting for my road bike to be delivered, so im using my exersize bike 3 times a week and the odd ride on the MTB at weekends. So far I can ride 2 miles in 10min, slow I know but with some training and a road bike im sure I can get that down.

Im not sure what routine to do as yet, but I thought from Jan I would be out Mon, Wed, Fri doing approx 10 miles to start with - there is a nice route that is 10 miles, and work on improving my distance and basic fitness, then start to push further and quicker. Until then I will keep it up with the exersize bike and MTB.

I guess my goals for summer are:

1. Get alot fitter
2. Get faster, be able to exceed 30mph even for a short distance on the flat.
3. Cycle to my home town and back (approx 50mile round trip)
4. Loose some weight
5. Maybe join a club if I can get the distance and ave speed up.
6. Have fun :P

What do you plan to do?
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  • markmodmarkmod Posts: 501

    Yes I aim to do the same next year... I MTB to work 7.5 miles in 30 mins, but i'm ready to self combust at the other end.

    Getting a lighter road bike and going to do just the same as you really, joining a club and some longer rides at the weekends. I fancy a roller trainer for when the weather is so bad i can't ride, i can keep up the regime!
  • Rich-TiRich-Ti Posts: 1,831
    Why wait?! Start it NOW!!
  • I would'nt say that i am unfit, but i am now starting a training routine so that i am more focused.
    Want to try to do two sportives,1st one planned for march is going to be 52 miles. Then will aim to do a longer one maybe 70-80 miles in the summer.

    Have even thought about hooking up again with one of my old clubs, could do with a bit of company while out.
  • mclarentmclarent Posts: 784
    I started my new routine about 4 weeks ago. Aiming for Tour of Flanders next year, followed by (my first) season racing and hopefully a few TTs. Mainly turbo training at the mo, due to broken bike (don't ask) and work committments, but now the bike's fixed I'm going to hook up with a club for Sunday rides - as long as the weathers not too grim!!
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  • mhukmhuk Posts: 327
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    A target might be a good idea as well. Mine is HONC :?
  • chill123chill123 Posts: 210
    well this year i trained for a century. next year maybe a double century and a multi day tour are my targets. i only hope i keep improving as much as i did this year.
  • bluecowbluecow Posts: 306
    Well i hope to get into cyclocross events. Not with any hope of winning, just for fun. I can't run though. Rubbish at it.
    Plus do another end to end trip- did lejog this year so maybe France next year...? Or lejog again the other way round, different route.... :)
  • Im planning to win the u16's at my track legue, doing 3 sessions a week.

    * 2 hour road ride with my club on saturdays
    * 3 hour road ride with a local adult club on sundays
    * turbo session during the week, 10 minute warm-up 1 minute 120rpm, 2 minute rest ect...8 times 10 minute warm down
  • Good Morning, I am new to the site, and returning to cycling after
    about three years off the bike. Hoping to start a training routine
    and get back to some sort of fitness. Had sold my gear, so I've
    purchased a cheap secondhand road bike, and hope to get started
    soon. Any advice for initial rides on the bike would be gratefully
    received. The idea of riding again seemed like fun, now the reality
    seems a bit daunting. Bike is at my local shop being serviced today,
    to make sure it is safe! Then I should be ready for the off...

    Kindest Regards Slim.
  • i'm pretty new to road cycling, having just gone about on my mountain bike for ages.

    my main aim is to beat my mate in a little race.
    get fitter overall.
    and just have fun, thats what it's all about isn't it?

  • willbevanwillbevan Posts: 1,241
    Started a new routine start of october, getting a nice solid winter training in :)

    Won my newbie group last year in TTing for the local club, but then buying a TT bike second hand sort of cheated myself there!

    Idea is to beat more of the vets next season :) and trianing over the winter.

    Would say if your doing it for fitness, do it with people, make sure its fun :)

    I train mainly alone, but then I have enough motivation to do so as long as I have a goal :)
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  • The fitter you are, the more fun you can have :wink:
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