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Hitting weight target: try changing units of measure

bahzobbahzob Posts: 2,195
OK I know this sounds simplistic/too good to be true but reckon one purpose of this forum is just to let others know what's worked out for you so they can at least give it a go....even if it means getting the p taken in the process....

I got into cycling to lose weight. Target was to get to 11stone (which gives me a BMI of 23 so nothing extreme). Frustratingly though done lots of other cycling stuff I never dreamed I'd been capable of the one thing I've not done is hit original weight target.

Got down to 11st5lbs and for over a year have been trying to lose the last 5lbs. Managed to get down to target occasionally then move up again. This despite being as methodical as possible in terms of monitoring food/exercise etc.

Being honest with myself I knew the answer was a combination of expecting to fail (since everyone knows the last few pounds are the hardest right?) and celebrating a bit on the few times I hit the "magic" 11 stone.

So a couple of months ago I tried an experiment. I've got some digital scales and I switched the display to pounds instead of stone. So my target has become a rather boring 154 instead of a nice round 11.00.

Since then I have consistently managed to lose a little weight each week and am under 154lbs. What's more since beginning November I've stabilised around that weight and dont feel hungry or more knackered after training.

So just a suggestion that if stuck trying lose that last bit of a stone/pound/kilogram change and go US/Brit or metric and see if it helps. Know it sounds a bit stupid but there you go.
Martin S. Newbury RC
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