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need riding buddy manchester area

southboysouthboy Posts: 8
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Hello all,

I am new to mtbing and have recently got myself a new bike, and have been going out for short rides on my own. My fitness is not great and this is one of the reasons i have become interested in mtbing. I am looking for somone who would like to go out on rides out with me possibly in the manchester area. I do not mind traveling a bit further afield and could really do with some advice. Really looking forward to some serious rides out but would like somone to go with, let me know.


  • dave_hilldave_hill Posts: 3,877
    Depending where in England's capital city you are, there's plenty of good trails easily accesible - the Derbyshire Peak District is only a half-hour south of the city centre, and you have the Llandegal trail centre an hour away at Wrexham.

    To the North and North-East there's the Calderdale valleys (my stamping ground) which are only a train journey away (Get the Todmorden train from Victoria). And you've got some fairly easy riding at Rivington, just to the North-West of Bolton.

    Always happy to show you around here but the riding at the moment is pretty grim - there's been so much water about that the trails are really heavy going. Mind you, there's nowt like jumping in at the deep end!!
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  • ratty2kratty2k Posts: 3,872
    Another rider here who rides a fair bit in the Peak district. Fitness not great either but the riding is fantastic up there... Some parts may be a bit intimidating at first, but plenty of folks go round there.
    Shout up when/ if you want to go and I'll see if I can sort sommat out...
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  • owen908owen908 Posts: 170
    The peak district offers some fantastic trails to get stuck into.however you will need to be quite fit and strong due to the large amount of climbing which is needed to gain some altitude for the descents (which are very technical and rocky but an absolute blast once youve honed your skills on them ).i'd say a good full susser is a must around here if you want to hit the descents at speed.
  • Hey, I'm in the Manchester area, relatively new to biking myself as well. Getting my new bike tommorrow. Not rode a bike for two months now due to an accident and not been anywhere but the road to work since January so a little out of it to be fair like!!!!!

    I'm up for meeting up though at some point maybe for a ride or two not a problem. :)

    PM me your email address and phone number if you want and I'll contact you to sort something out.

  • bellysbellys Posts: 456
    have a look at the link.
    manchester mountain bike club
  • +1 to bellys suggestion

    We're a friendly group of people riding at whatever level everyone is comfortable with, no-one gets left behind or frowned at. Great for beginners who need to find trails and riding partners.

    Last weekend we went to Llandegla and there were about 26 of us, split into three groups (beginner, intermediate, expert). Everyone had a great time.

    All the rides are organised online so it's simple to pick what suits your ability and spare time.
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