Headset and forks!

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I can't seem to adjust the headset on an old Falcon.
If I lock down the lock nut tightly the forks are tight on the right turn.
Does this mean they may be bent very slightly?
Brakes are centre pull and the cable guide gets in the way of me keeping the one headset spanner in place or it gets locked down and sandwiched into the headset I was thinking of trying again with a washer allowing me access to the bottom nut? :(


  • Monty Dog
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    Could be a couple of things: headtube not faced squarely, headset cups not fitted squarely, bent fork steerer or most likely, the thread on the fork steerers isn't cut square. Remove the forks and screw on the top race and check if it is square to the steerer - put a spot of marker pen on the outside and see if it moves off square as you turn it.
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  • GaryGkn
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    you were right it looks to me that the crown race is not on square possibly because the column is out and making it look that way. Pain in the bum!